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Community Missions

Being the hands and feet of Christ in our community and world.

At St Andrew's we know how important community is.  We have formed a Mission Team whose purpose is to find and assist financially, organizations in our community and abroad.

Each year the Mission Team reassesses our mission charities and for 2023 we have added additional local charities.

Our budget for 2023 allows for approved givings of $9,200 with the possibility of additional funds going to each charity through our monthly Mission Baskets that you, the members of St Andrew's and the community, can add to.

The approved charities for 2023 are:

March's Mission

$800.00 pledged

$1,350.00 sent

April's Mission

$250.00 pledged

$475.00 sent

May's Mission

$1,350.00 pledged

$1,400.00 sent

June's Mission

$800.00 pledged

$1,070.00 sent

August and September's Missions

$1,000.00 pledged

$1,101.00 sent

October and November's Mission

$3,000.00 pledged

$3,930.00 sent

Community Care Fund

December's Mission

$1,000.00 pledged

$405.00 sent 

July's Mission

$1,000.00 pledged

$1,020.00 sent

If you would like to donate toward one of these charities, you may do so directly through our website using your credit card or sending an etransfer through online banking.  Donations can also be made in person or by mail at St Andrew's.

When making your donation, be sure to note which charity you want your funds directed to.  You will be issued a receipt for tax purposes when tax time arrives.


"Carry each other's burdens and so you will fulfill the law of Christ."     
Galatians 6:2

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