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Community Missions

Kelly's Cupboard - LCCVI

Teacher Kelly Knight started stocking a cupboard in her classroom with food several years ago. Students with little to eat, whether it was because they were running late or simply didn’t have anything at home, were encouraged to help themselves to food during the course of the school day.

Kelly's Cupboard also makes available supplies that students may need like pencils, notebook paper, rulers, toothbrushes and toothpaste, sanitary supplies, shampoo, soap and other personal care products.

Over the years not only has demand increased, but the cost to maintain food and supplies for the students of LCCVI has also increased.   


“We go on faith the community will step up…and they do all the time…they come through all the time.” Kelly Knight


In Person or By Mail

St. Andrew's Church

416 Queen Street

Petrolia ON  N0N 1R0

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