At St. Andrew’s, Sunday school takes place during the worship service, from September through June. The children remain with their families for several songs and prayers at the beginning of the service, then leave the sanctuary following the Children’s Story.

We have a combined class, with children ranging in age from 3 to 14 years old, with an average attendance of 10 children each week.

Recently, our lessons have been focussed on the Heroes and Villains of the Bible. We began with the Creation story and are currently studying King Solomon’s reign.

Each lesson begins with a flannel board story, with coloured scenes and characters from that day’s Bible story. A brief review of the previous week’s story is given before the new lesson is introduced.
Following the story, the children generally make a craft that relates to that day’s lesson, or will play a game that reinforces some aspect of the Bible story. (When appropriate, different crafts may be given to the older and younger children in attendance that day.)

Before rejoining their families for the Coffee Time and snack that follow the service, the children are given 1 or 2 colouring and/or puzzle pages to take with them, that are based on the day’s Bible story. These further reinforce the lesson, and provide an opportunity for family discussion about the Bible story at home.

There is always an adult teacher in attendance and, depending on the number of children that day, one or two adult assistants to supervise the children.
Over the Christmas holidays, we host a party for the children - an afternoon of cookie or gingerbread house decorating, crafts, games, and a snack. In addition, we have a morning of games during the last service in June. Although our church services continue in the air-conditioned basement during July and August, Sunday school is on hiatus until the Sunday following Labour Day.

We hope that you will come join us some Sunday soon, and see St. Andrew’s Sunday school in action!  

  ** Please take a moment to scroll through some of the crafts from previous lessons, below.**